It wouldn't detect a civilization per se, but I do remember reading recently that the James Webb Space Telescope should enable astronomers to tell if there is a large amount of O2 in a planet's atmosphere, and since the only way we currently know that happens is through photosynthesis, it would mean an individual… » 4/11/14 10:49am Friday 10:49am

I've got my GF's old desktop tower hanging around. It's also a pentium 4 with 1GB of Ram and a 60GB HDD. She still wants some data off of it, so I haven't tossed it yet, but I should probably just pull the hard drive and recycle to rest. There's no use that I can think of for it. I tried to put Ubuntu on it a few years … » 4/11/14 10:19am Friday 10:19am

Again with the idea that everyone's beliefs are valid. You've already been taken to task for your misunderstanding of the bounds of the first amendment, so let me disabuse you of the notion of the equality of beliefs. Just because someone believes something does not mean they should be given a platform to proselytize.… » 4/07/14 8:11am 4/07/14 8:11am

Talk Origins has a wonderful primer on falsifiable evidence for "macroevolution". It can get a bit dense, and personally I think the strongest part is the education on phylogentics, which most creationists seem to be severely lacking ANY understanding of, but probably the most succinct and easiest to understand ones fall … » 4/06/14 10:59pm 4/06/14 10:59pm

Perhaps you should look at the data side of the industry. DBA jobs will typically require some coding in SQL, but they are fairly heavy in the server administration and hardware side of things as well. If you find you like that kind of thing, you could look at graduate programs for a data science degree. Management,… » 4/04/14 11:25pm 4/04/14 11:25pm

I like to use Calibre to strip the DRM from the books as in the guide, then Calibre has the functionality to email your books to your Kindle email address, and that has always worked better than side loading for me. They show up in your Kindle library for all of your Kindle devices., rather than just the device you… » 3/28/14 7:58am 3/28/14 7:58am